My top 3 tips

Here’s my 3 Top Tips!

Speaking to a few clients recently they have asked me what can they do grow their business.

Well where do I start!…..

Here’s a few tips…

1. Regular client contact

Personally, I think there’s nothing better than a face to face catch up over a coffee or glass of wine (time of the day dependant of course!) with your existing clients.

During these strange times consider booking in a call every few months to touch base – see how things are going in their business. Are they experiencing any issues which you could help with? Could they recommend you to any of their business connections?

Trusted referrals are such a great source of new business. Think about it… if you’re looking for a plumber – what do you do? You ask your friends and family if they can recommend one.

Same goes in business….if you are providing an exceptional service to your clients why wouldn’t they recommend you!

Personally, if one of my clients recommended Evolve Together I would be sure to say thank-you with a lovely bottle of fizz and hand written thank you card! (just say‘in!)

2. Network with others

I LOVE meeting new people and connecting with business owners. Hearing about why people started their own business has always fascinated me. Time is precious so don’t turn into a cereal networker but use this time wisely and join a great group. I am so fortunate enough to be in one of the best Cheshire groups around – Team Crewe part of NetworkIN.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone – go and create new business connections. Engage and collaborate with business owners this will in turn create you new business opportunities. If you fancy coming along as a visitor let me know!

3. Be you!

I think the most important thing is to be genuine. Be honest about your products and services. No bull***t be open and transparent about what you offer but more importantly how your product/service will benefit clients. What can you do to help your clients “sleep better at night”?

And there’s tons more you can do which I’d love to chat to you about. If you feel your business is on a growth journey and you need an extra pair of hands to work on your business please touch base, let’s meet up and chat through your ideas. Book your discovery call today.