Solutions V’s Product

Here at Evolve Together we want everyone to grow their business and be successful which is why we wanted to share a few tips with you today that will help to change your mindset – so you sell the solution, not the product!

Post a Solution Pic!

It’s true, sometimes your products DO sell themselves because they’re that good, but it is always best to put a personal spin on this.

Instead of thinking wow this is absolutely amazing! I’m going to post a pic and everyone will want it! Switch your thinking to – this is totally helped me when I used it, so I’m going to share my own results with my friends so it can help them too! It works try it!

When you post your personal photos whether it be a before and after or a selfie (Joe Wicks 90 day plan is a great example of this) or one with your product strategically placed, you can easily increase your chances of making a sale. This isn’t a sneaky way to market your business, it’s actually extremely honest as you are genuinely sharing how your products have improved your life. It’s a simple and effective method of marketing that will seem way less spammy or pushy and result in more engagement and sales!

Share Product Related Content

Share articles and videos (your own would be better!) that aren’t directly about your specific products but help to solve a problem where your product/service can be the solution is the key! How do you create a video without your product, you ask? Well, you actually DO have your product in the video, but you aren’t highlighting it specifically to make a sale.

The same applies to sharing an article – you can post the article and say that you’ve done this yourself and it really works! This can be used for any product and it is a way of showing that you provide informative and educational content which will keep people coming back to see what value you are offering daily. Everyone loves a good tip, hack or solution!

Expand your reach

Blogging is another great way to offer solutions. Create short, informational type posts that are approx. 300-500 words that tie in your products by offering solutions that have worked for you – true, real-life testimonials! You bet that we would buy a product from someone who we followed who wrote about their experience over a company graphic post that we’ve seen a gazillion times in our newsfeed.

So simply changing your mindset to “How can I help” rather than “How can I sell” you’ll begin to see amazing results! The top leaders are doing it right and we urge you to follow their lead. Brand yourself, be yourself and share YOUR stories about your products. The more personal, candid and helpful you are, the more successful you will be!

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