Excited about networking

The Power of Networking

Morning everyone, hope you’ve had a super weekend. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to networking many, many years ago whist in a sales role. I am a fully fledged advocate of networking and understand the importance but do you?

  • Some people find it a waste of time
  • Others HATE the thought of standing up talking about themselves in a room full of strangers
  • Certain people embrace the opportunity to share to others about why they are so passionate about what they do

But I think what we all need to understand is everyone’s is different. What rocks someones boat might not be the same for someone else.

I however LOVE it! I think this comes down to my upbringing. My parents are very sociable people. We always joke about my dad making “new friends” whilst on holiday, walking the dog, visiting the local pub. He talks to ANYONE! I am just the same lol!

NetworkIN (yes this spelt correctly mum!) – give it a go!

I am chuffed to bits to be part of an amazing networking group called NetworkIN. This particular networking group is different from other groups I’ve visited. We all get on so well as friends as well as business connections but more importantly support and guide each other daily.

As the sessions are now all online and you might be a bit nervous about attending a face to face session, now is the time to put yourself out of your comfort zone! If you fancy coming along as a visitor you’d be more than welcome, just drop me an email claire@evolvetogether.co.uk and i’ll send you an invite.

At the end of the day we are all just people, no one is better than anyone else, so try not to feel intimidated. No one knows more about your business than you do! If you are passionate about your products or service this will come across naturally. Don’t force it – just speak from the heart.

Are you an ambitious business owner, who has loads of amazing ideas to expand your business, but not sure how to take these to market? Let’s talk!

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