Evolve Together in 2021

2021 onwards and upwards

Happy New year! I still can’t believe it’s the 4th January 2021, what a whirlwind of a year 2020 was.

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas break and celebrated the New Year in, in the comfort of your own home.

Many of us have looked back at last year and learnt some valuable lessons. We took many things for granted – but now value so much more.

Looking back – moving forward

I certainly missed nipping into our local pub during our Friday night dog walk for a well deserved glass of wine or 2..3….! I’ve missed not seeing my nieces as much as i’d like. I’m desperate to have them for a sleepover when Boris allows.

Not being able to socialise with friends and family did have an effect on my mental wellbeing. I’m a sociable person, having drinks, dinner and a good old catch up & lots of laughs lifts my spirts no end. So when we were allowed to meet 1 person from another household outside, I was one of the first to organise it. Meeting for a glass of Prosecco on a park bench was like my student days (saying that it would have been more like MD 20-20 yuk!).

2021 Goals

So here we are at the start of a new year, how exciting. I don’t believe in new years resolutions, I create a plan and action it. I am extremely passionate about growing my business. Making a difference to my clients businesses and working with likeminded business owners.

Getting to know me, like me and trust me is important to my business goals. I will certainly share more with you about me and Evolve Together over the forthcoming months.

In the meantime if you have any questions about how you can grow your business this year get in touch.

Let’s Evolve your business Together, don’t delay book in a discovery call today.