Understanding the Customer Journey

Have you ever heard the phrase “The customer is king!”

From a business perspective, the companies that treat their customers well will always be more successful than the ones that don’t. The secret? A focus and understanding of your customer’s journey. 

Delight your customers to the point where they can’t help but recommend you to anyone who crosses their path, not only creating a happy and loyal customer but also referrals and brand advocates. Win-Win!

The marketing landscape is ever-changing. Traditional marketing methods such as direct mail, television and radio were the most popular choice, however moving into today’s digital marketing landscape such as social media, content marketing i.e. blogs, and paid searches has left us with more tools than ever before to target a specific audience whenever and wherever you wish.

Although marketing has and continues to change dramatically, one thing that has remained consistent is the Customer Journey.

As a business whether you use more traditional methods, digital marketing or a mix of both. The Customer Journey still remains one of the most important considerations.

What is the Customer Journey?

A customer journey is the experience a customer has with your business from becoming aware of your brand to long after that! Including loyalty, retention and referral stages. 

Truly understanding the customer journey touchpoints and how your potential customers consume and engage with your marketing messages is what will be essential for any marketing method to be effective.   

The customer journey is generally broken up into three stages in order to offer your consumers a positive journey that leads them to purchase. These are the three key components that you must consider:

Top of the Funnel:

This is the awareness stage. Before a purchase – customers will come into direct contact with your brand. This could be online, for example; social media, blog posts or email marketing. In Marketing, this is called ‘The Discovery’ phase.

Middle of the Funnel: 

In the middle of the funnel, consumers consider and look at their options and consider which one will meet their needs, wants, and/or desires. At this stage, it is wise to promote testimonials, case studies, freebies, samples or other material that will provide ‘proof’ of your offering in order to nurture these leads.

Bottom of the Funnel: 

At the bottom of the funnel, the consumer has made an informed decision based on their research and converted to purchase. The next goal is then to retain this customer in the long term. Find out more about this on our next blog! 

At Evolve Together we understand that although ‘marketing evolves’, great marketing will always start with “who is your target audience?”. Understanding your customer journey is paramount to make your marketing campaigns effective. 

With our ‘No pain like champagne’ package I will work with you to understand who your customers are, where they are and their unique customer journey. From this I can then suggest campaigns and strategies that will work for your business. 

To book in a 30 minute discovery call please email me claire@evolvetogether.co.uk

I’m looking forward to evolving your business together.