Power team

How your Power Team in Networking will propel your business in ways you never thought possible.

You may have heard me talking about networking a few times! The benefits of it and how it has helped to propel my business in ways I still can’t quite believe! As a member and advocate of NetworkIn, we truly are one big family, working together to help each other grow one another’s businesses whilst collectively providing our clients the very best service.

But what’s the secret to making networking work even harder for your business and clients?

The answer is in your ‘power team’!

What is a power team I hear you ask?!

A power team is a group of people in complementary professions. They work with the same clients, but do not take business away from each other. The key is the opportunity to provide referrals to each other because their ideal client is the same. So, for example if you have a business in the wedding industry then your power team would be any business that runs a wedding related business or for myself in marketing, my power team would be business owners with clients that are also looking to evolve, improve and grow their business. For example; a web designer, copywriter, videographer and so on.

Broadly speaking, businesses usually fall into the following categories:


Health and Wellness

Professional business services such as accountancy, financial services, marketing, IT etc.

Creative and design 


So now we know the ‘type’ of business, how can you decide on the ‘right’ partners for your power team?

1. This is possibly the most important! Are they good at what they do?

The last thing you want to do is refer clients to someone that you know does substandard work. Ask yourself, are they someone you would use personally for your business?

2. Do they have a similar business model and size to your own? 

If your potential partner is a large company and you’re a sole trader, this may not work equally. And therefore I would suggest partnering with other businesses a similar size to your own for the best fit.

3. Are they willing to build a relationship with you and put in the same effort?

They have to be willing to build a relationship with you. Relationships take time and everyone in your power team needs to commit to the same amount of time as each other for it to work effectively.

4. Are they willing to send referrals your way?

They need to be willing to seek out referrals for you and your team. With networking, you definitely get out what you put in.

Networking and especially power teams have the capacity to send a lot of referrals to each other and generate a lot of business (if the people in the power team are as committed to finding referrals for each other). 

As well as the business opportunities it brings, there is no end of benefits to having a network of other business owners, just a few of these benefits are;  gain more knowledge from each other, fresh ideas and perspective, build confidence and access to a support network. 

I would wholeheartedly recommend each and every one of my ‘power team’! 

So much so that I have a trusted partners page on my website!

Check it out here: https://www.evolvetogether.co.uk/trusted-partners