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Realising a brand is more than just a logo!

Thanks to Chris Hopson from Paper Anchor for writing this trusted partner blog – check out his work

When thinking about starting or rebranding your business, it’s important to stress effective marketing can be just as important as your service.

I encourage all my clients to think outside the box with marketing strategies. Personally, I struggle to connect with a company’s message through stock imagery and corporate messages.

Is that really why we go into business?

Do we want to stand out or just slot into the feed of boring posts many people scroll past and think nothing about it?

Here are my few tips to help inject some personality into your business.

1: Get your branding right.

A lot of businesses will just add a logo to the top corner of their marketing materials and BISH BOSH, it’s done! But why not take a deeper look into your logo. Have you got shapes, icons or something a little different you can incorporate into your brand? 

Adding shapes (from your logo) and overlaying them over imagery OR negative space can instantly bring your message to life.

2: Don’t listen to your critics/competitors

This is YOUR business! You have put all the hard work into making this work and don’t be afraid to add YOUR personality into marketing materials.

3: Become visually noticeable! Repeat, repeat, repeat!

Commit and maintain your brand with repetitiveness across all your materials. Emails, socials, stationery, posters etc. 

Don’t be afraid to be different with your approach to design after all you ordinarily don’t get dressed to match the person you’re sitting next to on the train, so why do the same with your business?

4: Show personality.

As mentioned in point 2, you don’t ever want to be known as ‘plain’ in life, so why would you want that in business? I can guarantee, if you’re good at what you do, then the more you show your personality, the more successful you will be.

Thanks Chris some great insightful content here. If you are looking to get your brand refreshed please get in touch today!