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Meet Chris from Paper Anchor Designs my amazingly talented designer. Download my FREE pain point document send it back to me for some free advice. Introducing my new members of the team Amy and Meghan.

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Fizz Friday 4th March

This week we are going to look at Power Teams!

A power team is vital in order to grow your business. Surrounding yourself with people who have similar goals as you, can help strengthen your business and helps you overcome challenges much quicker than going it alone. 

Meet Emma from Inspired Learning and Co-founder of Leading Ladies Club. Do you want to be more connected to your team?

If so, download this document provided by Inspired Learning. Learn 5 ways to have more meaningful conversations with your team members.

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Fizz Friday 11th March

This week we are going to look at Networking!

Networking is the most important tool in your arsenal as a business owner. Not only can you create new business opportunities, but you can also gain insight and advice from those who have already been on your journey.

Meet Anna from Market Avenue, my amazing copywriter. Trying to connect with your inner storyteller?

If so, download & use this fantastic guide which covers “7 steps to find your inner storyteller” Eliminate that writer’s block and find your authentic voice

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Fizz Friday 18th March

This week we are talking about Trusted Partners!

Trusted partners are crucial when developing your business. Viewing your business objectively is difficult, so use trusted partners to give you their honest opinion and bring innovative ideas. Trusted partners are essential in being successful.

Meet Cara from The Little Paper Shop, Cara and her creative team love all things paper. They design and create the most stunning wedding stationery I have ever seen. Cara is a branding specialist – she brought my branding vision to life and I love it!

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Fizz Friday 25th March – launching soon!