Top tips for new business owners

Since I launched Evolve Together 2 years ago, I created a list of my top tips for any new business owners or anyone interested in creating a business! I have summarised the list into my 3 top tips for a successful business and brand below.

Tip 1 – Identify your brand

A great place to start launching your business is to look at your brand identity, this is what makes your business stand out from the crowd, it displays what your brand is trying to communicate. From its values to your product or service. It’s how people view your business. An example of a great brand image is Coca-Cola when you hear the name you think of the colour red or even the logo maybe even past advertising campaigns or mascots. Your business should aim to have this strong brand identity. 

You should remember to always be authentic, your brand is a reflection of yourself and your personality. Initially pick three or four fonts that you love which represent the personality of your brand and later create a colour palette this creates a cohesive look and makes your brand recognisable.

Understanding your target audience before you create a brand is key, a great place to start is to look at your current or prospective client base. Analyse and take time to discover things from their habits and goals to what they need right now. Different people want different things that’s no secret, learning what your audience wants is vital to creating a brand image.

Tip 2 – Network with others

Networking within a business is essential this allows you to create and maintain positive relationships with people within your business industry. It can offer you valuable career guidance, help with business goals, raise brand awareness and most importantly to create a beneficial network of business professionals. 

Business networking can occur in different ways, most commonly in arranged events such as exhibitions, meetings, presentations, workshops, yet they can also be online events or forums, even social media platforms. After these events finish staying in contact with the individuals you have met can truly benefit your business especially to find out about possible future business opportunities.

Tip 3 – Be yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for help

I know I know it’s a cliche but being yourself is essential in creating a business, like I mentioned previously your personality is reflected within the business itself. Staying true to what you believe in and reflecting that within the business is one of the best tips I can give to a new entrepreneur. BE YOU! Be genuine and most importantly be honest about the products and services you offer. Even though a business is a reflection of your personality asking for help is important whether it’s from friends and family or from consulting agencies such as Evolve Together. 

Hopefully the top tips I’ve explained can help launch your business successfully, but don’t forget I offer a free one-hour consultation. If you are planning on expanding your business and don’t know where to start and are interested in some further support call Claire on 07825 240631 or email