Review of 2022

I decided to share a few of my own and my client’s accomplishments from the previous year with you all to kick off 2023.

Hopefully, this will encourage you to set yourself goals for 2023. Setting goals is crucial since it can lead to new behaviours and help you concentrate on your objectives. It’s great to have big goals for the year, but it’s better to break them down into smaller steps so you can reach your overall objectives on schedule.

With the help of goals, your mind is able to quit delaying chores and is instead instructed to action them. As ambitious as they may have been, I started writing down my goals at the start of 2022 and broke them down into manageable chunks to help me determine which objectives are realistic for my time frame.

The Leading Ladies Society was founded by me and founding partner Emma Dechoux after realising there weren’t many women-only networking and membership groups. Launching another business was a major objective of mine for the new year, which I accomplished and am incredibly proud of.

In addition, I wanted to build Evolve Together while also expanding my clientele; this was a goal I succeeded in achieving and is one I intend to maintain every year moving forward.

Additionally, I wanted to organise several conferences, which I did! Never be disheartened if you do not accomplish exactly what you planned to accomplish; use it as motivation to work harder and make better plans. These business goals didn’t happen overnight; they required a year of hard work and determination. Even then, there were goals I didn’t manage to achieve, but that is ok; I can carry them into this year.

Personally, one goal was to travel more (those of you who know me, know how much I live for my holidays!) I’ve done that last year by visiting Greece, the United Arab Emirates, and regions of Spain and Italy. It’s fantastic to have personal goals to stay motivated to make a difference in the year; not all goals need to be business-related.

My amazing clients and I have accomplished a lot in the past year, and I successfully planned and organised an exhibition and conference for over 150 people. This gave my client the opportunity to gather all of their employees and business partners together to share some exciting company news, as well as a chance to network and connect in person it was a big success that many people enjoyed. We’re even planning the 2023 event now!

One client saw a 100% boost in brand awareness by putting into practice the sales and marketing plan we created.

Another developed a new product, and the same day the website was live they received an enquiry!

I want to accomplish a lot of things in the coming year, including taking the Leading Ladies Society nationwide and working on a retainer basis with ten clients. Along with working with current clients, my aim for Evolve Together includes supporting 4 new start-up firms. Personally, I would like to keep travelling and doing what I love too!

Setting new goals requires reflection and careful planning, so I look back at my previous objectives to get an idea of what I should concentrate on in the upcoming year. These goals include not only growing my business but also improving my personal life by travelling more, experiencing more and living more.